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Taraz PeyRiz

Taraz PeyRiz (TPR) Civil & Construction is a Civil Servant Pension Fund Affiliated Private Joint Stock company completely owned by the Civil Servants Pension Organization (C.S.P.O.) established in 1996.


In an effort to improve the effectiveness of CSPO owned companies, a Macroeconomic Structure of Pension Fund was introduced and all subsidiary companies have been collected under eight separate industry-specific Holding Firms.   TPR is the Holding Company for all of civil and construction companies subsidiaries owned by the Pension Fund.

The company has been established and operated with the aim of Business Development and Investment Management in the Civil and Construction Industry.  TPR and its subsidiary companies have the capability and expertise to define, design, build and manage any civil and infrastructure projects by utilizing services from domestic and foreign experienced companies. 


Major activities of Taraz PeyRiz (TPR) Civil & Construction Company:

  1. Participate in monetary and financial markets for the purchase and sale of Shares, Bonds and Tradable tools to gain economic advantage toward holding’s goals at national and international levels.
  2. Development, management, investment and partnership with other national and international companies to carry out activities for construction, equipment purchase, construction materials and any other commercial activities related to company's purposes.
  3. Project and Construction Management for Commercial and Luxury Residential Complexes, Hospital and Hotel Development, Road and Bridge Construction, Railing and Pier construction, etc.
  4. Import and export of various construction products, related machinery and technical knowledge.
  5. Construct, purchase and rent of factories or stores or any other place for production, distribution, exchange, sale, supply or display of Products and scientific and technical achievements.
  6. Economic, Technical, Financial, Managerial research and monitoring the implementation of investment projects to achieving company goals.
  7. Investment and participation in Banks, Financial and Credit Institutions, Leasing Companies, and Multipurpose Funds with the use of Foreign Currency and Rial sources to gain advantage toward holding’s goals at national and international levels


Iran Investment Opportunities in Mokran Region

Iran Investment Opportunities in Mokran Region

Iran Investment Opportunities in Mokran Region are plenty and the Iranian Government fully supports any partnerships for these development projects. The Second International Summit for Presenting Investment Opportunities in Mokran Shores was held on 25-27 Feb. 2018 in Tehran, Iran with the presence of Deputy Minister…

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Taraz Peyriz Construction Partnership in Investment in Iran

Taraz Peyriz for Construction Partnership in Investment in Iran

One of the main indicators of a successful Construction Partnership in Investment in Iran is Property Selection for the project.  There are many factors in the success of the Construction Partnership; however, for a project development and construction partnership in Investment, apart from all other…

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Houzian Aligudarz Dam Village-taraz peyriz

Approval on the construction of Houzian Aligudarz Dam Village

Houzian Aligudarz Dam Village is a potential attraction for recreational tourism in Aligudarz city, Lorestan province. This destination could be one of the main national and international attractions, for residents of Aligudarz as well as foreign tourists, by proper planning and policy-making toward Sustainable Tourism…

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Taraz PeyRiz Civil Construction Holding Company

Taraz Pey Riz (TPR) has implemented massive projects including commercial, retail, trading and residential complexes in various locations in capital and major cities of Iran.

TPR owns various plot and properties located in best locations of Tehran and various cities which based on our feasibility study are categorized for luxury hotels, retail and malls or joint of residence/ trading centers.

Greetings and Welcome,

Taraz Peyriz is the Civil and Construction subsidiary holding company for the State Pension Fund. Pension Fund’s real state property and asset management, Infrastructure development and execution of construction projects are the responsibilities of this holding company... more

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